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“Ta Chak Kyung Sum” From the New Treasure of Dudjom

Three Powerful and Wrathful Healing Deities, Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda  “A Drop of Molten Meteoric Iron that Incinerates (Demonic Influences) Upon Touch”

One of the most efficient and supremely wrathful conglomerate practices, Ta Chak Kyung Sum invokes Hayagriva (The Horse Headed Deity), Vajrapani (Tib. Chanak Dorje) and Garuda’s wisdom beings which allows the Lamas and practitioners to perform healing activities for beneficiaries.

The resulting powerful blessings are well-suited for alleviating depression, removing strong obstacles, raising wind-horse, cleansing skin diseases as well as those caused by Nagas, seasonal diseases and those caused by pollution, ill-will, etc.  The ritual is best performed for those able to attend but people unable to be present can be represented by someone attending.  Special and Rare Garuda Blessing pills will also be distributed at this participatory practice session.

“Urgyen Menla” From the New Treasure of Dudjom
 (Padmasambhava as the Unsurpassable Great Healer of Mind) 

 "In the Degenerate age  when life span is short, diseases are many and fierce epidemics attack suddenly, if one suffers from  the fear of losing one's life, one should accomplish the practice of Orgyen Menla"
 -From the Speech of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche - the text of Urgyen Menla-

An initiation into The Body, Speech and Mind of Urgyen Menla qualities and miraculous activities; By practicing the Deity Urgyen Menla, the special accomplishments and Buddha activities of healing can be achieved allowing practitioners to enact actual healing and benefits for all sentient beings. 

The initiation will be accompanied by the authorization (oral Transmission) of the short Daily practice of Urgyen Menla to make it easy for those who wish to do the actual practice.

From The Treasure of Traktung Dudjom Lingpa
“Troma Nagmo, (The Black wrathful Mother) The Primordial Sun of Wisdom”
“The Offering of One Hundred Hand Prints”

All diseases, ailments and maladies occur due to conjunction of inner cause and outer conditions.

The inner causes come from a host of factors including the 5 poisons of mind, karmic debts and accumulation of negativity, negative patterns and habits.  By the offering “One hundred handprints”, Lamas performing the ceremonies are able to effect the paying back of all types of karmic debts of life, life force, flesh, happiness, dwellings, etc.  This ransom ritual will be performed by Lama Rangbar assisted by Amchi (Dr.) Sherab Tenzin for the first time in the USA.  Attendees should bring some coins, and small cut fragments of their clothing (and a small photo of the entire body) of those needing help who are unable to attend.

“Chimed Tsok Thig”

A Profound Long Life Treasure of Zilnon Namkha Dorje
The Accomplishment of “The Immortal Life Essence
The Essential Bindu of Deathlessness “

An "Empowerment” offering. This is a very rare and powerful practice Mandala which can restore lost life and life force, prolong life and help practitioners break the power of the greatest illusion ...death itself.  It is very effective and carries the direct blessings of the unbroken short lineage of The New Treasure of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.

The King of Medicine:
Sangye Menla, (The Medicine Buddha)

The most well known of all Tibetan healing deities is Sangye Menla the Buddha of Medicine. Seeing the suffering caused by illness of beings, Sangye Menla blessed all plants to arise as medicines to be able to cure any and all afflictions.   A special Medicine blessing will be performed by Lama Rangbar assisted by Amchi Sherab Tenzin.

Special Blessing pills will also be distributed at this participatory practice session.

Dorje Nampar Jompa “The All-Subduing Vajra”

Many ailments, depression and diseases stem from defilements of one’s body, speech and mind.  There are many types of defilements including those from negative karmic relationships, meeting with negative people and unclean substances, dwelling in defiled places, accumulation of negative behavior patterns, unhealthy addictions, etc. Luckily, defilements have the single virtue of being able to be purified.  The practice of the “All Subduing Vajra” brings all these causes to a single point to wash away such defilements and obscurations, bring peace of mind and freedom from suffering of all kinds.

Participants are advised to bring clothes that one can allow to be stained with saffron color and that participants may get slightly wet. 

Special Purification / blessing / protection pills will also be distributed at this session.

“Naga Offering Ceremony” From Traktung Dudjom Lingpa’s Treasure

Although we are certainly egotistically aware of our own species, we often neglect the fact that we share our planet with a host of other visible and non-visible parent-like beings who fill all infinite space.  These beings suffer the consequences of our environmental infringements and sometimes even retaliate when abused unknowingly or otherwise.  Conversely, by sharing compassion with these beings, a relation is formed and harmony and the causes for happiness, wealth and general well-being can be established.  Lama Rangbar will perform the Naga Offering Ceremony, assisted by Amchi Sherab Tenzin, in areas upon request on appropriate astrological days.  Those attending or wishing to sponsor such an event at their locations should contact Lama directly to discuss each situation specifically.

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