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Traditionally one of the ways in which Buddhism blessings are gained and healings enacted is via sponsorship of offering ceremonies in one’s place of residence.  Ceremonies are performed for a host of occasions or requirements and are dedicated to all sentient beings.  By being part of the cause and effect that brings about these benefits, sponsors accumulate merit and wisdom that can bring about positive circumstances that we require to practice and to benefit others.

There are no set fees as such for ceremonies although there are costs involved.  Some ceremonies are involved and therefore not all ceremonies can be accomplished without adequate support. Supporters can host such events and bring their friends and or community members as a “gathered offering” or can support entire pujas in a more private manner depending on the situation.

For more general information on types of ceremonies please check the web site page:


To sponsor a puja or ceremony please get in touch with the local contact person and discuss with Lama Rangbar about which ceremony is needed.   Support ranges between $500 to $1500 depending on complexity and ceremony length.  All proceeds go to the development of the Sacred Medicine Initiative.