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Click on this link to PRE-REGISTER for an event or diagnostic session.

For information on local events (or to report problems with this website), please contact Michael Goodwill by phone or email:

Email:  michael@healingsciences.org

Phone:  301-728-6453

For information on these offerings, please contact Lama Rangbar by email.  Please be patient as Lama Rangbar is currently traveling within the United States and has only occasional access to email:

Email:  LamaRangbar@healingsciences.org

If you wish to host (provide a venue for) a public event or individual diagnostic work, or if you wish to request a private ceremony, please see the following schedule of available times.  We will attempt to keep this list up to date so that it is a useful guide.  Please note that as times fill up, your first choice may not be available.  For that reason, please have in mind a couple of dates/times that might work for you when you contact us.

This site is continuosly updated. If you have visited before, please Refresh your browser to make sure you get the latest updates as the schedule fills.

DateTimes AvailableType of Event*Preferred Locations
August 13th
eveningTeaching or MeditationChesapeake Beach,
Southern Maryland
August 15th
evening**anyWashington, DC or Montgomery County, MD or Laurel, MD area
August 16th
morning**anyLaurel, MD area
Baltimore, MD

*Preferred locations are suggested based upon proximity to other scheduled events, but these are only guidelines.  Please contact us about your specific request.

**Events that may be requested include teachings, meditation practices, public ceremonies, private ceremonies, or hosting individual diagnostic sessions.

There may be some availability on Tuesday, August 14th if the Wednesday schedule does not fill. Be sure to check with us before considering any event for this date.