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The following event is not yet scheduled in the DC area.  This is a practice that could be of great benefit in enhancing the efforts of those already engaged in a healing practice.

A Teaching on “Cho Men Zung Juk”              The Co-joined Practices of Herbal Medicine and Dharma and The Oral Transmission of the Daily Practice of “Orgyen Menla” From the New Treasure of Dudjom  (Padmasambhava as the Unsurpassable Great Healer)

"In the Degenerate age  when life span is short, diseases are many and fierce epidemics attack suddenly, if one suffers from  the fear of losing one's life, one should accomplish the practice of Orgyen Menla"

-From the Speech of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche - the text of Urgyen Menla-

Lama Rangbar Nyima Ӧzer will offer an introductory teaching on the union of the practice of Tibetan Herbal Medicine and the path of Buddha Dharma.  The topic of “Cho men Zung Juk” or the unified practice of herbal medicine and Dharma, extends far back to the inception of all Buddhist medicine systems.  Lama Rangbar, accompanied by Amchi Sherab Tenzin, will briefly explain the concept of how meditation and general states of mind influence the conditions of the three humors of Wind, Phlegm and Bile.  This teaching is an excellent introduction to several related topics that could follow in subsequent events.

In this same session, the oral transmission of the practice of Orgyen Menla will be offered by Lama Rangbar along with a short group meditation practice on Orgyen Menla.  By practicing on the archetype of Orgyen Menla, one can achieve both ordinary and supreme accomplishments and gain the capacity to enact Buddha activities of healing for benefiting all sentient beings.  This practice is especially designed for Doctors and Healers who wish to increase both their diagnostic and treatment capacities In order to benefit others, as well as patients who wish to profoundly expedite their own self-healing process.