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All proceeds from these events go to the development of Evam Mingyur Ling Sacred Arts and Healing Sciences College in Nepal. The College is being established to promote and preserve the sacred rituals, spiritual arts, and healing systems based on several millennia of experience and wisdom from Asia.  Many of these ancient treasures are in danger of becoming extinct, due to the rapid homogenization of our planet’s cultures.  The overall goal of the college is to preserve these ancient systems by their integration into today’s society for the support of peace, prosperity and healing of our modern planet. The college will provide a profound  and durable framework for seminars, teaching events, apprenticeships, short and long term retreats, healing treatments for body, speech and mind, as well as ritual performance, sacred medicine  production, sacred dance, Feng Shui, astrology, sacred monument construction  and other arts and sciences.  The college will draw from both regional expertise as well as from masters of the various arts and sciences from around the world and spread awareness about sacred technologies by organizing international tour events. For further information about the college (called Ngakdra Labrang in Tibetan), please see: www.ngakpasociety.org

Financial assistance is sought for the establishment of the Sacred Arts and Healing Sciences College and also the medicine activities of the college in Nepal.  Contributions for Evam Mingyur Ling in Nepal are fully tax-deductible through the cultural preservation activities of the Himalayan Light Foundation, a 501 (c) -3 organization.  For further information about HLF see: www.hlf.org.np

To make your tax deductible contribution to support any of these activities, please send a check made out to the Himalayan Light Foundation.  Please write “Sacred Arts College” in the memo section of the check.

Mail to:  Adam Friedensohn, 209 Hillcrest Avenue, Leonia, NJ 07605